Finding Number789/79
TitleConsideration: repayment of Edmund Hamond's debts to various parties. Recites loans to Edmund Hamond by Elizabeth Parker, Dame Mary Knollys, (3), (4) and (5) on 16 Apr 1791 Recites commission in bankruptcy against Edmund Hamond, 31 Dec 1792
Description(1) Peter Hamond of Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex, as administrator of Elizabeth Parker
(2) (1) and Elbra Woodcock of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, as executors of Dame Mary Knollys
(3) Rev Peter Ashton Hammond of Nidford, Hertfordshire
(4) Rev Francis Thomas Hamond of Ewill, Surrey
(5) Simon Baratty of Grace Church Street and David Owen of Norfolk Street, assignees of Edmund Hammond's estate
(6) George Shum, Harvey Christian Combe, Joseph Delafield and William Packer, brewers
Assignment by (1) with consent of (2), (3), (4) and (5) to (6) of shares of Edmund Hamond in the business established by articles of agreement dated 5 June 1787
Date9 Aug 1793
Access StatusOpen
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